Investment Objective :

The fund is diversified equity fund that invests primarily in the Top 200 stocks by market capitalization having high conviction investing with a maximum of 25 stocks in the portfolio having embedded risk management to manage risks of portfolio concentration so as to avail Easy Call facility available.

"Papa ke Paiso se Chhuttiyon ki Mazza"
This Product is suitable for Investors who are seeking:
  • Capital appreciation over long term.
  • Investment in a diversified portfolio predominantly consisting of equity and equity related instruments.
  • Those who have a low-risk appetite and are not able to commit a significant sum for a longer term.
  • Those who wish to have a steady return without expecting a windfall as these schemes are known to be beneficial in the short term only.
  • All those investors who plan to invest in their country’s underdeveloped industry segments via Mutual Funds.

These funds are used primarily to fund those segments of the economy which are not covered by the Large Cap Funds. Small Cap Funds have their own set of limitations too. But Value MFs are different- they create wealth not only for the retail or institutional investors but also provide liquidity to often-overlooked segments.

The schemes offer high income potential to those who invest in them. This is especially true for the retail investors who require high performance capabilities in their investment instruments.

Besides, there is another fundamental purpose that the best Value Mutual Funds have which is to pass on investments to those sectors of the economy which have been hitherto overlooked. The SEBI has also encouraged these types of schemes.